Food & Equity

Food & Equity

At Urban Growers Collective, we love food and equity.  Who wants to sit down to a feast when people are nutritionally deprived in your city? Or that we can’t make better food choices due to what is available or affordable in our neighborhoods? Urban Growers Collective was formed to work on this issue and create beautiful food growing environments that support healing and peace.

I am looking forward, visioning a summer filled with joy. Lush beds of food, healing herbs and florals. Creating a space that welcomes all who visit to create a better world, starting from the internal healing needed to transform our communities and support one another throughout the process. We are especially privileged to do this through Chi-Ready, a workforce program via Heartland Alliance, providing 18-months of cognitive therapy and solid work experience and skill building for African American men who have had challenges in the past.  The opportunity to connect our men with the earth, and one another in cooperative work and nourishing activities is deeply rewarding and gets me energized each day to find the resources and partners to add enrichment to this project.

I believe in beautiful, healing, productive and edible landscapes that are built and designed for the purpose of cultural restoration and providing safe space to grow new wings.

Come dream with me, walking the medicinal garden’s meditation labyrinth and breathing in that sweet lake breeze.

Erika Allen

Co-Founder & CEO, Operations

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