2022 Quarter 1 Report

2022 Quarter 1 Report


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Youth are particularly burdened by food injustice, yet they are so often ignored in generating solutions. We’re seeking to change that.

Urban Growers Collective aims to address inequalities and structural racism that exist in the food system and in communities of color—
and we invest in young people to do so. Each year, our Youth Corps program employs and educates approximately 180 teens in farming and food justice. This quarter alone, we enrolled 30 young people in our spring program!

From growing organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers to helping manage onsite farm stands, teens in our program learn farm technical skills through on-farm engagements and classroom activities. Under the guidance of staff and instructors, teens learn the components
of composting, prepare growing beds, and how to identify, plant, harvest and market the vegetables growing at the farm. We combine these hands-on experiences with STEAM education and college and career readiness, equipping teens with the tools they need to become successful leaders within their communities.

Through Youth Corps, young people get to support their communities with access to fresh and affordable produce while learning about the entrepreneurial opportunities that exist within the food sector. We believe that fostering young people’s connection to food not only benefits the youth themselves but also their families, communities, and even the food system as a whole.

We look forward to expanding our youth programming even more
with the development of the Green Era Campus, detailed in this report. By creating educational pathways, skills training, and professional development opportunities, the Green Era Campus is a huge investment in our youth’s potential.

Thank you for supporting our youth. We can’t wait for the journey ahead.

Lauralyn Clawson

Lauralyn is the Director of Operations for Urban Growers Collective. In addition to her work at UGC, Lauralyn is an expert in compost policy and co-leads the Licensing and Animal Welfare working groups for the Chicago Food Policy Action Council.