For the last few years, Chicago’s Growing Power team has been exploring meaningful avenues of change and reevaluating our core values as a team.

While farming is the foundation upon which we grow, helping people thrive has always been our emphasis and the motivation for our Chicago projects. As a result, the Chicago team has left Growing Power and launched a new venture about which we are incredibly excited: Urban Growers Collective, formed in November 2018.

We have envisioned a new entity that focuses our efforts to understanding the impacts of inequality on the lives of people in our communities and the many ways in which we can contribute to economic and ecological community impacts through agriculture.

Urban Growers Collective will continue to operate the Fresh Moves Mobile Markets, Youth Training Programs, Farmers for Chicago Incubation Project, urban agriculture and equity building trainings and events.

Our core values honor shared leadership and collective decision making; racial, economic, gender and LGBTQ equity; as well as employee well being: we have witnessed how these values lead to thoughtful, holistic programming and yield environments that nourish and create prosperity.

We appreciate your partnership and support during this transition. We look forward to our continued work in 2018 and beyond.

Rooted in Growing Food, We Cultivate healing environments through art, innovation, and activism  which create pathways to freedom. 

We appreciate any amount you can donate to get us started.
Here’s a link for donations:


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