Farmers for Chicago: Herbalism Apprenticeship

Applications for the 2022 Herbalism Apprenticeship are now closed.  Interested in the 2023 Herbalism Apprenticeship?  Sign up for the waitlist here and we’ll let you know when applications open for 2023.  


The Urban Growers Collective Community Herbalism Apprenticeship offers the opportunity for participants to engage with plants; to build a relationship with plants; and ultimately, to use plants for personal, family, and community healing.

This four-season, ten-month apprenticeship moves in tandem with the seasons and with the other programs at Urban Growers Collective. We’ll identify, nurture, observe, harvest, process, preserve, and re-seed herbs. Self-healing with herbs will be the primary exploration as each apprentice expands their understanding of the potential of plant medicine to support mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.


Together, we will learn to :

  • Identify wild and cultivated plants in all stages of growth
  • Tend plants for healthy propagation and appropriate maintenance
  • Harvest plants for use; understand best practices in harvesting wild and cultivated plants
  • Make herbal preparations
  • Learn core concepts of herbalism
  • Track current and past herbal trends
  • Create a materia medica based on observation and reputable resources
  • Learn herbal actions
  • Build a community committed to using herbs
  • Understand body systems
  • Explore non-Western herbal traditions
  • Examine political impact and roots of herbalism
  • Explore spiritual herbalism
  • Learn cultural roots of herbalism
  • Explore spiritual dimensions of herbalism

The apprenticeship commitment is 100 hours. This is a hybrid in-person and virtual program that includes opportunities to engage with herbs on UGC farms as well as in-person and virtual workshops facilitated by Rev. Kim Crutcher, LCPC, and guest speakers.

The tuition exchange for the program is sliding scale from $500-$1500 with a $100 materials fee.

If you have further questions, please contact


Reach out at or (773) 376-8882.