Our Team

Urban Growers Collective Members

Co-Founder / CEO, Operations

Erika Allen

Erika Allen is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Operations for the

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Co-Founder / CEO, Finance

Laurell Sims

Laurell Sims is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Finance for Urban

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Urban Farms Manager

Malcolm Evans

Malcolm Evans is the Urban Farms Production Manager for the Urban Growers

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Associate Director of Training Programs

Lauralyn Clawson

Lauralyn Clawson received her B.A. from Penn State University in Environmental Science.

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Fresh Moves Driver

Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson has been part of the Fresh Moves Mobile Market team

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Allison Branham

Allison has been working with Urban Growers Collective since the Spring of

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Program Assistant

Brandon Lov

Brandon Lov helps to coordinate programs and fundraising for Urban Growers Collective.

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Fresh Moves Cooking Demonstrations

Fresh Roberson

Chef Fresh provides cooking demonstrations for the Fresh Moves Mobile Market. They are

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Lead Advisors

Board of Directors

Adriana Díaz, Peer Health Exchange Erika Dudley, University of Chicago РCivic

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Asscociate Board of Directors

Ross Barney, Tumu Studio Meredith Bissonnette, Yello Margaret Catania, Alliance for the

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