Make a Donation

Urban Growers Collective is a grassroots, Black-led, women-led non-profit organization, and while we do our best to operate on a very conservative budget, we prioritize paying our staff a living wage and practicing environmentally-friendly farming practices. Being good to our people and our planet is an expensive endeavor. We are asking you for help. We cannot do this important work without the support of our incredible community.

We are encouraging you to give what you can. Spare change can make all the difference. It educates teens, it provides land for new BIPOC farmers, and it makes a world of difference for seniors living on a fixed-income when the Fresh Moves Mobile Market rolls up to their retirement facility.

If you gave as little as $10 a month over the next year and recruited friends to match your donations, you would make an incredible impact on our organization and the communities in which we work.

Thank you for your support!